The Caretta Shop is our commercial vehicle; aimed mainly at business who need to transport and sell goods from the same place. Perfect for festivals and trade shows; brand it up and you not only have a storage and selling facility; but constant mobile advertising for your product or brand.

Weighing 350kgs means you dont need to pay a fortune for a big vehicle to move you around; a standard car will do just fine.

The caretta shop can be put up in a matter of minutes; up pops the top and down comes the serving counter so no fuss when setting up and taking down; meaning if you want to you can be the last in and the first to leave!

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  • Length – 3900mm
  • Width – 2040mm
  • Height – 1725mm
  • Height opened roof – 2420mm
  • Weight – 350kg


  • 12 V and 220 V access lighting installations.
  • Bench fall
  • Being able to shut down four points during the cruise feature of floating roof
  • Mobile table which can be added to the front section of the vehicle during parking
  • Signalling system
  • Various cabinets and partitions within
  • Jumbo door on left hand side (855mm x 800mm)
  • Waterproof sides for when top is up




  • Full or partial branding of your pop up shop – Be Seen!
  • Spare Wheel
  • Spare wheel casing
  • Protective Cover
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Pimms shop
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