The Turtle Cargo is our entry level Teardrop Trailer, a real workhorse designed for maximum versatility.

Simple yet versatile; the Cargo is primarily a load hauler. Rugged enough to carry all sorts; throw in your mountain bikes, take it on camping or hiking adventures or to the beach for fishing or surfing. It is the perfect way for enthusiasts to travel to shows and events such is its practicality. It also has enough space inside to convert to a more basic two-berth cabin if you just add a mattress inside.

Businesses can use the Cargo as an invaluable tool with their own livery and graphics to instantly create a rolling signboard, equipment trailer, events or delivery vehicle.

The Cargo is built to the highest specification, fully insulated, with galvanised chassis and feature sports alloy wheels to make it look the business.


  • Length – 3900mm
  • Width – 2040mm
  • Height – 1725mm
  • Weight – 325kgs


  • Exterior lighting over door
  • Interior LED light
  • Ventilation
  • Roof rack and 2 carriers
  • Battery 50AMP and charger
  • Vehicle Signal System




  • Spare Wheel
  • Spare wheel casing
  • Protective Cover
  • Mattress
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